Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Currently, I Am...

Welcome back!
I haven't been posting like I wanted to, such a bummer. I just honestly haven't had the time. I work full-time and the time change really threw me out of whack! Anyone else feel me? Haha!

So today, I have something a little different. I want this blog to be an infertility/ttc/lifestyle I figured this post would be nice to throw in once a month!

Currently, I Am....

Enjoying: The fall-like weather we are experiencing in Texas! It's in the mid 50's, cloudy and the leaves are kind of weather. It's such a nice change! However, Texas weather is quite bipolar...I betcha we will be in the 70's soon. 

Feeling: A little anxious...we have been TTC for some time now, and for the last 2 years we were undergoing fertility treatments. About 2 months ago we decided to take a break and now I'm feeling anxious...because we are losing even more time! I hate waiting...I am not patient whatsoever. However, I know my body needs a rest from fertility treatments. 

Wishing: That going gluten-free was a bit easier! I have decided to go gluten-free and man, has it been overwhelming. I still have not gone completely gluten-free but I'm starting off slowly. If you have any recommendations for good blogs or any good info at all...please share! :)

Loving: SCANDAL! I'm a bit late to the gladiator family, but I'm obsessed! Every morning as I get ready for work I watch Scandal on Netflix!

Hating: The huge headaches I have been having! I suffer from headaches and migraines...but they seem to be getting worse and more frequent. I am waiting on some lab results from my doctor, but I think I'm going to ask for a neurologists consult next. Living with a constant headache is no fun!

Anticipating: Next week! I have the whole week off and I'm so ready for it! And of course...can't forget about all of the yummy Thanksgiving food! 

Watching: Along with Scandal, I have also been watching The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Grey's Anatomy and Scream Queens. Fall TV is the best TV! Oh, can't forget about football! I have to add, AHS is really, really weird...I'm slowly losing interest. 

I love these types of posts! If you post these on your blog, let me know! I'd love to read them!

"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within." -- Maya Angelou 


  1. Oh my HECK! I loved this post! I too am watching Scandal, have you checked out How to Get Away with grabbed me really quickly. My hubby and I watch American Horror Story too and this season has been hard to watch! Great idea to share this monthly!

    1. I started watching it last year, but my DVR was too full that I deleted it and haven't watched it since. I've heard it's gotten really good though! Thanks for stopping by Carissa!! :)

  2. Hi! Just found your blog today. Yup, I do these kind of posts, too, once a month. We were approved to adopt almost 3 years ago and so I try to do a post like this on the 14th of every month, which is the date we were approved. My blog is

    1. Hi Rhonda! Glad to see you here! Congratulations, that's amazing! I'll be heading over to your blog as well! xo