Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tips For Your First Fertility Appointment

Going in for your very first fertility appointment? Things can be very overwhelming, believe me, I have been there. I have come up with a few tips I wish I had known before going in for my first appointment. I hope these are helpful!
  1. Get Organized
    • Before the appointment you may be sent a TON of paperwork or they may have you fill everything out when you arrive for your appointment. Either way, I highly recommend you show up organized! Take your previous medical records (past surgeries, fertility treatments, labs, etc.) The doctor may also ask about family history, so be prepared and ask your mom and mother in law for any pertinent information. If I could go back and change one thing, it would be to be more organized! Make a binder where you keep everything, schedules for medications, receipts, important phone numbers, etc. 
  2. Expect Lots of Personal Questions
    • Our first doctor went into SO much detail when in came to personal questions about our intimate lives. Be ready for that! Our situation was a bit more uncomfortable because the hospital we were going to is a teaching hospital so we always had medical students in the room, which was rather awkward! Don't be surprised if he/she asks you how often you wax/shave your legs/mustache or how baby dancing feels...yeah, you get the picture. 
  3. Make a List
    • Of all the medications or vitamins that you may be taking, this will also come in handy. Also, I went in knowing what I wanted to ask the doctor and after all of the embarrassing questions, I forgot everything! So, definitely make a list of questions you want to ask, that way, you are covered!
  4. Take Notes
    • Thankfully our doctor took notes FOR us and gave us a copy. Just in case your doctor doesn't do that, take a small notepad and pen and take notes. Don't feel weird about it, this is your future your planning, you want to be extra prepared. And by the time you leave your appointment, you will have info-overload! Trust me, the notes come in handy! 
  5. Ask Questions
    • If you don't fully understand something, don't hesitate to ask about it. Chances are this first one on one appointment with your doctor, may be the only sit down appointment you get with him/her. Take advantage of this time. 
  6. Plan for the Future
    • One other thing I recommend, is asking about who will be communicating with you about medication administration times, lab results, etc. Some places have an online portal you can access, while others you have to wait around and wait for the nurse to call you after hours. Our first doctor gave us his cell phone number and assured us that we could call at any time with any questions about medicine and such. So reassuring. However, with our second doctor, all communicating was done through her nurse. 
  7. Be Ready for Test/Procedures
    • More than likely you will have to provide a urine sample, so be ready for that. And most doctors like to get an ultrasound as well as blood work. Husbands, you aren't off the hook, you too will likely have to provide a sample and get blood work. 

"Be patient. Everything is coming together." -- Unknown


  1. THISSSS is an awesome list!! Loved this! Such wonderful info for a first timer!

    1. Thanks, Carissa! I wish I would have had something like this when I was first getting started. Glad you liked it. xo

  2. Great list! So far all our treatments and testing have been through my ob/gyn but I hear the hustle and bustle of an RE clinic is a whole new ball game. I will def be using this advice!

    1. Yes, they are SO busy and I highly recommend being organized and prepared. Thank you for reading, I'm glad this was helpful and you will be using it. Best of luck to you!